Opal Earrings, Sterling Silver Earrings, Blue Australian Opal, 6mm Ball Stud Post earrings, 925 Sterling Silver


I made this bright earrings with:

Gorgeous blue lab created half drilled ball opal -6 mm;
Solid 925 Sterling Silver post.
You’ll get sterling silver stoppers and silicone backs.

Created Opals are actually preferred to natural opals for many jewelry items. Natural Opal is not particularly well-suited to being used in many jewelry applications since it is a relatively soft gemstone, breaks easily, has to be protected from sunlight and many chemicals and it requires ongoing care and maintenance.

Arrays of different colors are captured in opal cabochons. They look very mysterious!
Opal earrings are very light! They will bring a perfect touch of flair and splash of magnificent colors to your outfit!
Opal is an ideal gift as the birthstone for October.
Your order will arrive in a nice box ready to be given.


Crystal Ball Necklace

This elegant necklace made from sterling silver chain and Swarovski strass ball, hand wrapped with non-turnish silver wire. It has a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Length: 20 inches


Swarovski Copper Ball Necklace

This necklace made with sterling silver chain and Swarovski strass ball(copper color), hand wrapped with non turnish silver wire.

Length: 19in (including ball)


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