Smoky quartz beaded bracelet- smokey quartz, Swarovski pearls

I made this bracelet from:
clear brown Smoky quartz faceted coins ;
Gold plated daisy spacers;
bright gold 4mm Swarovski pearls;
gold plated toggle clasp.

It will add a perfect touch of flair to your outfit!
Smoky quartz bracelet will make a great gift. Your order will arrive in a nice gift box ready to be given.

Bracelet size – a little bit over 7″ (you need some extra length for toggle clasp). Please let me know if you need it to be longer/shorter.

Blue Sapphire set

This sparkling set is made from 8 mm Swarovski crystals- sapphire color cubes, silver Bali beads, black Swarovski bicone shape beads, sterling silver toggle clasp.
Necklace is about 17.5″ long to the toggle. Earrings have a sterling silver lever backs and sterling silver chain. Please, let me know if you need to change a length of the necklace.

Swarovski Amethyst Color Necklace

This beautiful necklace is 17″ to the sterling silver toggle. It’s and made from amethyst color faceted cube Swarovski beads and sterling silver Bali beads.
Please, let me know if you need different length. Matching earrings are available upon request.


Pretty in Purple Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst is said to protect its wearer against seduction. The amethyst is extravagance in violet. For many thousands of years, the most striking representative of the quartz family has been a jewel coveted by princes both ecclesiastical and secular. Moses described it as a symbol of the Spirit of God in the official robes of the High Priest of the Jews, and the Russian Empress Catherine the Great sent thousands of miners into the Urals to look for it.

This necklace is made from multiple Amethyst nuggets, Amethyst beads, sterling silver beads and silver bali beads. A necklace is 16.5″ long to the toggle. Toggle is made from sterling silver.


White and black Necklace

This elegant necklace is made from white freshwater rice pearls, black onyx square beads and sardonyx focal bead. Necklace has a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Lemon Ice CZ Necklace

This necklace is made of faceted flat oval CZ bead, wire wrapped with non tarnish silver wire. The bead is connected to the velvet cord with toggle silver clasp.

Cubic zirconia is a man-made crystal of zirconium dioxide. During synthesis zirconium oxide is stabilized with either yttrium or calcium oxide, causing the crystals to form in an isometric structure, similar to diamonds. Cubic zirconia is relatively hard, at about 8.5 on the Mohs scale— much harder than most natural gems. Its refractive index is high at 2.15–2.18 (compared to 2.42 for diamonds), which makes for great sparkle! The crystals are usually clear, but vibrant colors can be achieved with the addition of certain metal oxides during the manufacturing process.

This sparkling necklace is also available in champaign color.


This unique necklace is made from light green aventurine beads(round and drum shape), sterling silver beads and daisies. Necklace is about 16.5 inches long and has a silver toggle clasp.
For matching earrings see my green grape earrings.


Red Coral Necklace

Necklace made from red Coral stone, black leather cord, silver toggle clasp. Approximate length of the cord is 17 inches (can make is shorter or longer, just let us know).


Swarovski Copper Color Set

This beautiful set- necklace and earrings- made from copper color fauceted round Swarovski beads, Swarovski crystals black bicone beads, and sterling silver bali beads. It has a sterling silver toggle clasp.


Crystal Ball Necklace

This elegant necklace made from sterling silver chain and Swarovski strass ball, hand wrapped with non-turnish silver wire. It has a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Length: 20 inches


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